About the Program

Welcome to our Affiliate Program.

You will be promoting our translation services

and get paid 12% lifetime commission on every sale from each customer referred by you.

The offer is not limited in time, which means that when the same customer returns to our company, you will always be credited for this customer's purchases. This obviously means that once you refer a customer to our website, you may do nothing but wait for the commission. And the commission from this very customer is everlasting. Enjoy the cooperation with us!

The process of cooperation is very easy and clear.

Follow these steps, and you will be successful:

1. Register in our Affiliate Program.

2. Generate in your Partner's Panel as many links as you like.

3. Promote the links at your websites, blogs and forums or send messages to your mailing lists.

4. Get paid 12% as soon as a customer referred from your links makes the payment for the orders placed.


This is our joint success.

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